July 09, 2017


Unfortunately, since my last post not much has gone on with Gossip. There have been a few quick visits, but no real work and nothing blog-worthy. I was sick for quite a while, and now we're under a heat advisory and it's too hot to move :( . I didn't even get my lawn cut, and I don't have to drive anywhere to do that! I hope to have an update soon, but I didn't want anyone to think I'd abandoned the blog or sold the pony. Just lying low....

April 30, 2017

Going in Circles

In a good way, I promise!

Last weekend I headed down to the Mane Event and picked up a fancy new bridle since the one we had didn't fit. Hubby doesn't want me having a collection of bridles for one horse (how little he understands lol) and said "get the one you ultimately want." Don't have to tell me that twice! Gossip now has a beautiful dressage bridle complete with champagne coloured crystals to offset her dun colouring. The Mane Event is the place to go if you want to comparison shop, and I did exactly that. I had to laugh... I wound up buying it from my favourite tack shop that's like 15 minutes from my house. Yup, I drove almost 2 hours to buy a bridle from them. It was worth the trip!

So today's first mission after a cursory grooming was to try on said bridle, with many prayers for a good fit.

That'll work!

It was nice to have someone there to hold her for a picture!

Once she was bridled, we took the horses up to the arena area where the round pen, trail bridge, and some ground poles are set up. The others rode in the main area, while I took Gossip into the round pen and worked with her. It was her first time being round penned, and it went really well. There was some distraction from the main herd running and playing as well as the horses being ridden, but she mostly stayed focused on me. I worked her in both directions (tracking right is definitely her weaker side, so we worked in that direction a little more) and was able to turn and stop her using just my body and a swinging leadrope. It made her work a bit, and think, and deal with the bridle on her face and bit in her mouth in a different context than just standing being groomed wearing it. It felt like we did a lot of circles (in reality it was *maybe* 10 minutes) but by the end she was softer and responsive, and she came to me and followed too. I was so happy with her today!

April 08, 2017

Win Some, Lose Some

Just a short report this week, and unfortunately no pictures. I seriously need about four more hands some days!

I tried my bridle on Gossip today, and it mostly fits well enough but the noseband is too small. Good thing the Mane Event is coming up... there should be lots to choose from there. Instead I put the bridle her breeder is letting me use back on her, and let her wear it while I groomed her again. Then I decided it was time for the next step.

I untied Gossip, but left the rope looped around the hitching post to slow her down if she decided to leave. I let her sniff my saddle briefly, then I set it gently on her back. She seemed totally unphased by this new development. I took it off and put it back on three or four times, and ran my hands under  the panels to assess the fit. I didn't try to girth it up because she's never worn any kind of girth and I was alone out there if something had gone wrong, but ungirthed it seemed to fit very well and she stood very well for this new experience.

I decided to leave it there for today, but we've definitely made another step down the path to becoming a good equine citizen. Now to do something about that bridle....