April 28, 2011

It really happened

I actually sold my Forestier saddle!  It doesn't fit Squeaker, and hurts her, so it's been sitting on consignment and advertised all over the web while I borrowed my coach's saddle to ride.  Now, after just over a year, it's finally sold.  Tomorrow it will be on its way to New York state, where I hope its new owner will be as thrilled with it as I was.  I, meanwhile, will be using some of the proceeds for a downpayment on a new saddle, that I've test-ridden several times and know will fit the princess much better.  The timing was perfect, too, since my coach just moved so I won't be able to borrow her saddle any more.  Yay all around, I say!

Work is still slow, and I was working with several of the most annoying people ever born last night.  Crazy going slowly am I.....  The break from the hectic pace is nice, but it gives me way too much time to stare out the window at blue skies and sunshine and wish I was at the barn or the dog park!

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