May 24, 2011


Sort of in an uncomfortable downtime right now.  We're between dog shows, and the next one is our first outdoor show ever.  Our first day out is a breed booster, and my breeder won't be there because of a prior commitment, so I'm a bit nervous about it.  Especially since the lady who was saying things in the Hat likely will.  Oh well, head up and onwards and all that....  I'm trying to find a drop-in handling class we can go to over the summer, but nobody's getting back to me on whether their classes are running over the summer or not.  Come on people, I need a stacking refresher and I want to give you money!  I've also been thinking about both tracking and dock diving with Raodi in addition to obedience.  Dock diving worries me a bit because of her leg, but if there's an event in our area this summer I may take her out for one of the intro sessions to just see.  With her bait hoover issues in the conformation ring, I'm not sure if tracking training would help by giving her an outlet for it or make it worse by encouraging it.  I'm going to email that trainer I found and ask her opinion.

I still have no saddle right now.  I was supposed to order it this Friday, but with some other things that are going on I may not be able to.  I understand, of course, but it's still frustrating.  I went out on Saturday and worked Squeaker on the longe, and she gave me some attitude.  I just kept working, and we ended on a better note, but she was in heat and not in a good mood.  I'm happy to see that she loves her new food, I've never seen her literally lick the bowl before!  She's in good weight and dappled, but quite unfit.  I see more longeing in our future.

Naturally one of the "other things that are going on" is school, or rather the preparation for school.  I looked up my tuition today for the first semester, and it's doable but it's going to take a firm committment to the budget to get it in on time.  In the grand scheme of things, if I have to wait for my saddle so I can pay my tuition I'm okay with that.  After all, school is the way I'm going to get to the passion that's been my goal since I was 6, so that's worth some sacrifice!

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