May 03, 2011


Well, that was "fun!"

Never in my life have I taken 10 admissions in 4 hours, but that's what I did at work last night.  Many thanks to my helper (and to my manager for requesting a second clerk) because without her I'd never have been able to manage that one.  We are officially back to business as usual, except that we're divided into clean/dirty zones for the time being.  That's jargon for patients exposed to the outbreak and patients not exposed.  Working at the desk, I'm essentially in Switzerland.  I can't go into rooms (which I generally don't anyways) so as not to become a vector, and I have to make sure I keep things disinfected.  Yay for disinfection!

I visited Squeaker on Friday, and she was sound.  YAY again!  She was also in heat and cranky -- gotta love the first heat of the year -- but for now I'll take what I can get.  I still don't have a saddle, so I longed her over poles and cavaletti.  The money for the Forestier hasn't cleared yet, but I should be getting my new Justin next week hopefully.  Last night I dug through my tack boxes and pulled out my stirrups and girth.  I'm officially getting excited!

Next weekend Raodi is making her ring debut for the year in Medicine Hat.  It looks like being a bigger show that I was expecting, with 8 class females entered and 13 total for the breed.  I've thrown her in Open since she's a substantial girl, hopefully I won't regret that.  We drive down the Thursday, since we're sharing a ride and hotel with her breeder.  Breeder is showing Friday, and I'm going to sneak away sometime that day to visit family since most of my dad's side lives in the Hat.  I'm showing her Saturday and Sunday, since she's proved in the past that three days in a row is too much for her.  No point in trying to show a flat, exhausted dog!  The ring times worked out perfectly -- the labs are in after lunch on Friday and Saturday, so we don't have to worry about getting up at OMG:30 to get to the grounds and prepped, and early on Sunday when we're driving back after we're done.  I work on Monday, so we can't extend the trip an extra day.  I love travelling and showing with her breeder, so I'm really looking forward to a fun weekend (note to self:  wash the dog!).

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