June 05, 2011

Bridesmaid again

Raodi showed well this weekend, but we were second in our class every day.  She did get a good second look from the first judge in the booster, so that was encouraging.  My breeder's mentor adopted me on Saturday since my breeder couldn't be there, and she gave me a ton of helpful advice, as well as saying that we should have won our class in the booster.  She said that she has more tips for me, so I shot her an email and told her to lay it on me.  We're going to be going to some handling classes before EKC, so better if I know what I need to work on!  This morning I also managed to hook up with the lady I was considering taking obedience training from.  I really like her at first brush, and once my breeder realized who I was talking about she was very encouraging that I should go take lessons from her.  It's really hard for me to commit to a class with my shiftwork,  but we talked about private training as well, as another option.  I'm going to try to make that work out, though it will be hard while we're trying to pay for school as well.  Must discuss with hubby....

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