June 19, 2011


A late update.  Raodi went to the vet on Wednesday.  I adore her vet -- I've known her since I was born, literally, our families are very close, and she's always honest with me and respects what I know.  She's also really great with the dogs.  Never thought I'd have a dog that was so happy to see her vet!

I'm feeling a bit sheepish... have to categorize this under the vet being honest with me, I know... I got heck for having a fat dog!  I was guessing the princess weighed in around 85lbs.  Yeah right, try 93!!!  I did point out that she's a show dog, so they like them heavier, and that she's not spayed so we have to allow for the weight of a uterus in there, and that her sire is over 100lbs.  All of which made it not quite as bad, but the fact remains that I have a fat dog!  ... otherwise she's the picture of health....  <sigh>  I outlined the exercise and feeding program I have her on and the vet approved, so for now we're to keep doing what we're doing, but I kind of feel like a bad mother.  93lbs... dear lord... I think we'll be stepping up the walks!

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