June 13, 2011

Review time

Went to my first handling class at the new training place tonight.  Raodi was a superstar!   Actually, it's the training place where we used to take handling classes when she was a puppy, but it's changed hands and the trainer has changed.  I really like this new trainer!

I briefly explained our situation -- that this is a two year old dog, who has points in spite of me, my first show dog, and that I REALLY need to work on my stacking.  She showed me a ton of things in one short hour, and made a hundred percent difference in our performance.  At various points she'd take over someone's dog for a few minutes to demonstrate, and I tried to absorb everything.  Her approach to each dog was unique and totally based on its temperament, which was great to see.  It was a small class (I was sorry to hear that the group isn't always that small, the one-on-one was great) so the dogs even got some playtime at the end as a reward for working harder than usual.  Many were puppies, so I'm happy to see that the trainer appreciates the importance of keeping it fun for the babies.  I'm so happy I decided to give this class a shot!  She promises that she's going to make me perfect, and I hope that she delivers. ;)  We're gonna rock EKC!

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