June 27, 2011

That hurt!

This afternoon I saw my wonderful doctor.  She's also a colleague at work, which has all the potential for awkwardness but isn't at all.  I got the scripts I came for, and left with a bonus -- a VERY thorough lab req.  I really hate fasting labs, but she knows where to find me if I don't do it!  So tomorrow morning I head off to work to the lab, to see how my everything is doing.  This should be interesting....

Then this evening Raodi and I had a handling class.  I love Love LOVE learning from our instructor, she's fun and personable and has just the right approach for each dog as an individual.  Raodi also met and got loved on by her future obedience trainer (handling is held at her facility, but taught by someone else) since she was watching the class.  They really hit it off, which confirms to me that I'm making the right choice.  We went outside onto the grass for part of the class.  That was very interesting, since Raodi is very distracted by the various smells, but we did it and improved with some good advice that I did my best to follow.  The only thing was that with the uneven surface and a storm rolling in I wound up quite sore in my hips and knees.  I have to keep telling myself that it's worth it as I hobble around, but I fully expect some points at EKC for my trouble!  jk

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