July 30, 2011

Leaping labradors!

Today is the second day of the Alberta Dock Dogs Edmonton Premiere, and I was lucky enough to get to go down and watch a couple of waves.  I was considering jumping Raodi in Big Air, but she came into heat and I didn't think that it would exactly be fair to the males if we scented the pool!  I had a great time, and highly recommend that if the dogs are jumping anywhere near you, go and check it out.  Met some great people, saw some lovely dogs, and was impressed by not only the athleticism but the sportsmanship and camraderie as well.  In the break between waves, they were teaching some dogs new to the sport how to play Extreme Vertical, and it was really neat to watch how they did it.  I don't think Raodi is cut out to be an Extreme Vertical dog, but she could do Big Air for sure.

Next weekend we're going to be showing in conformation at EKC Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  I told my handling instructor that I fully expect points after all her help!  This is their first ever outdoor show, so there may be some growing pains but I expect a great event.  There's a Rally-O sanction match on Thursday that I dearly wish I could have entered Raodi in, but I have to be at work before it's scheduled to start.  The conformation entry is weird, with very few labs and no goldens two of the days, which means we'll be showing a lot earlier than we're used to.  This should be interesting.  I'm trying to persuade hubby to come and video my handling at least one day, so I can compare it to the videos that were taken before I started these classes and see what I still need to work on.  Hopefully he agrees.  The show site is at an equestrian centre, the one where I learned to ride, actually, so the smells may prove to be an interesting challenge for a lot of the dogs.  Luckily Raodi being in heat doesn't stop us from showing in this venue!

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