August 07, 2011

So close we can taste it

The Edmonton Kennel Club dog show was this weekend.  As expected, they put on a fun event for their first time hosting an outdoor show, and I had a great time even though we didn't come away with any points.  What we did come away with from three days of showing was three first place ribbons and two reserve winners (second best girl dog in the ring -- only the first best gets the points), and some very nice feedback from people who know what they're talking about.  Raodi also got some very nice long second looks from the judges each day, especially today, which was reassuring.  The consensus among breeder friends seems to be that she's not quite mature yet.  That doesn't surprise me, since she's from a slow-maturing line.  Her dam didn't really come into herself until she was four and Raodi's only two.  I'm told that she's coming together really nicely, and in another year or so they expect her to blossom.  I'm also told that I'm handling her much better (thanks, Lori-Ann!) and that her gait is perfect, with no sign of being sore which was a relief to hear.  The Lloydminster show in September is bigger this year, with more chances for points, so I'm hoping we do something there.

In between shows I've started seriously looking into tracking training for her.  Today after we were done in the ring, I let her have a long lead and follow her nose in the big field that I'm told was crowded with geese overnight, and she was in heaven.  I really think tracking would be a good fit of an activity for her, and it's something that wouldn't stress her leg like higher levels of obedience (with the jumping) would.  There's a seminar for beginners being held in Morinville in September that I'm hoping to take her to, and I've joined a couple of Yahoo groups to meet people tracking in my area and get some help getting started.

Our other new endeavour is Rally-O.  I don't have the funds or the time to take a class right now, but I've got my mitts on a copy of the CKC rulebook, and I've been memorizing the signs for novice.  Most of it is stuff that I know she can do, and in Novice she'll be on a leash so I can guide her a bit if she gets confused.  I've actually taken the plunge and entered her for day three of the trial in Lloydminster, with the attitude that we're just going to go in there and have fun, and we'll see what happens.  I won't take her beyond novice because of the jumping, but it would be nice to at least get that RN after her name to go with the other stuff we're working on.  CH Mayhemfarms Hot Guernsey CGN, RN, TD has a nice ring to it, don't you think?

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