September 10, 2011

Ups and Downs

Gee, long time no post!

I'm back at school, first week down with no issues and a lot more to go.  This semester I'm taking intro to cell biology, and basic organic chem for my pre-vet requirements, a basic psych course since it's my minor right now, and intro philosophy because I needed one more course but couldn't fit in any more labs.  Looks to be a very interesting semester.  So far I'm a week ahead on my reading and feeling very productive, I only hope it stays that way!

Good news on the work front.  Nothing's official yet, but after a chat with my boss and another with my counterpart in the position opposite mine, we've drawn up the paperwork to adjust my schedule for the school term.  This would mean that most week's I'd only work Friday-Sunday, with the odd Thursday thrown in to make up the correct number of days for the rotation, leaving me free to concentrate on school during the week.  This would be a huge help, and would probably put an end to those nights with only a couple of hours of sleep.  It's just waiting for my manager's final signature, so fingers crossed that nothing goes wrong!

The down in my post title is that Raodi's 3/4 brother Gunther is one sick little puppy!  Nobody's sure if it's an infection or if he ate something that poisoned him -- at this point all they can do is treat the symptoms.  He's on an IV, getting antibiotic shots since he can't keep pills down, and might need a blood transfusion, we've offered Raodi as a donor if it comes to that and they're compatible.  The little guy's only 8 months old and such an awesome dog, any prayers or good thoughts you can send him would be really appreciated!

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