November 28, 2011

staying current... fail!

Longer time, no post!  I thought I was going to be better about keeping this thing up, but I guess blogging is kind of like dieting... all you can do sometimes is get back on the wagon.
Raodi had her eye evaluation last month, and passed with flying colours.  One clearance down, for now (that one has to be repeated annually to stay current), but still only 2 points.  Oh well, it will come when I have a bit more time to actually show her.

Squeaker has been off-and-on lame, and so have I, so I haven't gotten around to buying a saddle yet.  We're both sound at the moment, so I'm seriously looking again.  I've accepted that I won't be able to afford the one I really want right now, so I'm trying to see what other solutions there are that would be more within my budget.  I'm looking at a Tekna, which is a synthetic with a heat-adjustable tree.  It might solve our fitting problems as long as I don't have to get it too radically adjusted, so cross your fingers for us.

School is going well, and I actually have my first final exam for the semester tomorrow.  Yup, this is what I'm doing instead of studying at the moment... I'll get to it....  For now I'm pulling a nice GPA, though I'm aware that could all change in a heartbeat depending on how my exams go.  I've enjoyed most of my courses, though philosophy has broken my brain a bit.  I'm not cut out for all that immaterial stuff, I'm really a scientist at heart!  Next semester should be fun, with lots of biology and some psych, and a good friend is in biochemistry with me, so that should make it much more bearable.

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