December 07, 2011

another term bites the dust... almost

Well, classes for the first semester are officially over.  I've written both of my lab exams, and I passed the first with flying colours.  Still waiting on the marks to be posted for the second.  Now all I have left are lecture finals, but they're spaced out nicely and in the right order -- the one I just want over with first and the one I have to actually study hard for last -- so I'm not too panicked about that.

Christmas baking is already in full swing.  Being in school full-time, I can't afford to buy gifts for everyone who deserves one, so I bake for a lot of the wonderful people in my life instead.  This year I'm doing Nana's shortbread, pepperkakor (a Swedish spice cookie a bit like gingerbread, my favourite) and cranberry white chocolate.  One container is already given away and being appreciated, and there are seven more in various stages of assembly in my kitchen.  Christmas baking is hard on my poor, patient son, but he has learned that if he leaves everything alone until I have all my boxes packed, there are always cookies left over for him. :)

I swung by the tack shop's Christmas sale on the weekend (since I missed work due to shutting my thumb in the car door -- I couldn't handle a pen) to grab a few Christmas gifts, and came out with some hopeful news.  The measurements and general outline of the Tekna saddle I was considering look very promising for fitting Squeaker, and it fits my long thigh just fine.  The tack shop also has the machine to make adjustments (within reason of course) to the tree, so if it's a bit off all is not lost.  I think that after exams are over I might have to borrow one and ride in it a couple of times to see what the princess thinks of it.  Cross your fingers!

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