December 15, 2011

Still busy

First of all I want to shout out to and their Hayward hunt coat contest.  I would love a semi-custom Hayward coat, and if you would too you need to check out their contest asap.  You can read about what has to be the mother of all awkward moments, fun times (unless you're the one living it)!

Exams are rolling along.  I aced both my lab finals, and got my  B in philosophy.  Evil course that I'm just glad is over with!  I wrote psych on Monday and biology yesterday, and I think they went well, and I wrap it all up with chem tomorrow.  That might be a harder one, so as soon as I'm done typing it's back to studying for me.  Also this term has left me with a friendship with the Dean of science, which may come in handy at some point.  It turns out that we knew each other back in the days (about 15-20 years ago now) when I was working at an area barn.  Sure I remember the lady with the big German shepherd... turns out that was her -- I thought she looked familiar!  Never a bad idea to have the Dean in your corner when you're applying to one of the most competitive programs in the country, I figure.

The critters are all doing well.  I haven't been doing much with them the past few weeks because I'm spending all my time studying.  The dogs get walked, and that's about it.  Squeaker's in a roughly 20 acre pasture with other horses, so she can keep herself exercised.  Once my exams are done I plan to try that Tekna saddle on Squeaker and we'll see where we have to go from there in this saddle fitting business.  I really hope the panels fit, since the gullet can be adjusted but they can't (curse you, foam panels).  Over Christmas break I'll be working Raodi on her Rally some more, and trying to figure out her reactivity to other big dogs.  She's fine off leash, so it has to be something I'm doing.  I'm going to have her breeder come over with a couple of dogs (that I know she'll react to) to see what we can figure out.  The good thing about it is that she's not aggressive at all, she just desperately wants to say hi and play, but it's still not acceptable to be trying to drag me over at the end of the leash!  It may take a bit of time, but I'm confident that we'll figure it out.

My son is getting more excited for Christmas every day.  He's written to Santa, and the countdown is on to the last day of school.  We're getting the tree this weekend once I'm done my exams (it goes in my study corner, so I have to be finished and vacate first) and he can't wait.  We already went over to my parents' place and decorated their tree.  Mom and Dad are really happy to have grandchildren to share Christmas with, I guess it's not the same without somebody small and excited underfoot. ;)

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