January 02, 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New Year from the zoo!!!  2011 sure went out with a bang, I'm ready for a fresh start (or a do over?) on that one for sure!

Christmas was... interesting!  The kid got spoiled, as he should, but he also developed pneumonia.  I knew I didn't like the sound of that cough!  Luckily we caught it in an early stage and got him to the ER, which was strangely deserted on Christmas day, and Dr. Michelle got him on the road to recovery with some lovely banana flavoured antibiotics.  Poor kid had no appetite at all for Christmas dinner, and seemed to want to get the gift opening over with so he could go to bed, but he's rallied with the help of the meds and is much perkier now.

The rest of us are in good health and we all had a nice holiday together.  I got a GPS for Christmas from my wonderful hubby, but my car is on the road to death so I haven't been able to mount it in my vehicle and try it out yet.  This should save me from wandering around lost for hours at a time, which is kind of a specialty of mine.  The car was stalling every block once it was warmed up.  I was starting it and pulling away cold, and driving to work or school really fast and making it, but if I had anywhere else to go it was kind of a problem!  We took it in to the local mechanic, who tinkered with it for a few days (he did manage to fix my door handle, so I don't have to roll down the window and open the driver's door from the outside any more, this is big news in my world lol) and pronounced it good, so we paid him lots of monies and took it home.  Guess what happened the first time we got it warmed up?  Yup, not fixed, and we're not at all sure that we want to pay lots more monies for another try, considering that the car in question is closing in on 20 years old!  So today we're going to be on a car hunt for me... hope the places that look promising are open!

I'm also hoping to try that Tekna saddle on Squeaker this week, which is something I'm looking forward to.  And I'm back to school on Wednesday, which has added a bit of urgency to the car hunt.  And the kid's commitments are starting up again.  And I'd like to get the puppy into a rally class so I can try to title her this summer.  And, and, and.....  Life never stops in the zoo!

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