April 28, 2012

Ear troubles

Raodi is a lab, and labs love food.  She is so devoted to her favourite foods that counter raiding is not outside of the realm of possibility if we leave something too close to the edge.  No scolding please, we're working on it and she now leaves food left on the coffee table alone, but there are some things she still can't resist if we're not here to bust her.

One of her favourite things is bread, especially the multi-grain one I make that has honey in it.  Good taste, I say!  Unfortunately one of her body's least favourite things is wheat.  Wheat or chicken to be precise, rough life for her not being able to enjoy either of them!  One bite of a food with wheat in it, and she turns into a ball of itching and her poor ears fill up with yeast.  She tells me that this is misery; I can only imagine.

She ate half a loaf a couple of days ago, which was totally my fault.  Bad mommy!  Also the blackflies are awake, and apparently love inflamed ears even more than they love regular ears.  Oh dear!

So her poor ears are inflamed, yeasty, and scabby from blackfly bites.  I'm treating them twice a day with panalog for 7 days and using a pet-safe insect repellent when we go to the pond, but if anyone has any suggestions for something I could use topically to reduce the itching and burning Raodi and I would be forever grateful!

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