June 28, 2012

Freedom... again!

School is out for the second time for me this summer.  I've completed my Spring course with a great mark, and now all I have to do is work.  Maybe my perspective is skewed, but to me this sounds like a vacation even if I'm picking up a bunch of extra shifts!  My son's last day of school for the year is today, so soon we'll all be free.

Next weekend we're going to Calgary for a family function and I have a meeting at the University of Calgary with a vet program advisor.  Because I have previous post-secondary work when I was too sick to be consistent in my performance, my transcripts are a bit confusing and I want to make sure I'm still eligible to get into the school before I fork over the application fee.  The closer this meeting gets the more nervous I'm getting -- if they say no I'm afraid I may just cry right in the office, I want this so badly!

We're going to be puppy-sitting Elektra this weekend, who is a 9 week old (assuming I'm counting right) yellow female from Raodi's dam's latest litter.  She's the breeder's co-own from that litter, but both of her families are going out of town this weekend.  I'm looking forward to having a puppy around the house again, but I've been busy since our house isn't particularly puppy-proof any more with Raodi being 3.  I'm off work, so this should be a fun weekend!

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