July 11, 2012


That's what the advisor at UCVM said... maybe.  And I'm more than thrilled with that answer because it means that I have a shot!  Basically I have to apply for a conditional exception to be assessed by the admissions committee, which was what I was hoping she would say.  There is no firm policy for cases like mine, they are assessed on an individual basis.  I'm apparently doing everything else right -- pulling in good marks that get better every semester, letters of reference all lined up, experience in the field, working in medicine, chose the right minor, refreshing all my prerequisite courses and so on -- so now all I can do is ask and let them consider.  So my mission (of course I choose to accept it!) is to basically get a 4.0 this year, apply in December, and pray hard.  The rest is up to the committee in Calgary and hopefully in a few months I'll be writing here to tell you that I got an interview....  Now I'm getting excited!!!

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