September 13, 2012

Back to School

Most of the human contingent of the zoo are back in classes for another term.  My son is in grade 4, and I like this year's teacher a lot better than last year's (so far, anyways).  My husband isn't in school this year, but he's getting his application ready to go back next year and finish his LPN (licensed practical nurse) diploma.  You can do it, hon!  I'm back at the University and have my plate full.  This is my application year for vet school, so I pretty much need straight 4.0's.  Maybe I should have taken easier courses?

Introduction to Ecology (my last prerequisite for vet school, so the course that matters the most even though it interests me the least), Brain and Behaviour (lots of neuroanatomy and neurotransmitters), Principles of Behaviour (essentially theories of learning), and Comparative Anatomy of the Vertebrates (heavy course with lots of dissection and detail) are looking like combining into a pretty intense semester.  Happily I've been able to reduce my work schedule to mostly weekends so I should actually have time to study, which I have a hunch might help matters.  To make matters even more interesting, I've somehow had the bad luck to draw all my midterm exams back to back on the same day!  I'm going to either prove just how awesome I am or die, I haven't quite decided which yet.  I'll get back to you.....

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