November 08, 2012

Let the Insanity Begin

Application packages are out for UCVM.  Went up on the website today, and already I'm phoning them with technical difficulties.  Isn't it always the way?  Apparently I have the wrong version of Adobe to be able to complete the form, and the version I need is no longer available.  UCVM's tech guys are on the case, and worst case scenario I can apparently fill it in by hand as long as I'm VERY legible.  I can do legible!

I did pass all my midterms with fairly good grades (the only one I'm somewhat unhappy with is anatomy, but I'm still doing okay overall) so that's in my favour for this whole process.  Passing is apparently the first step to acceptance :p  Also, the anatomy poster session was last night.  Here's how yesterday basically went... limp to school in a blizzard, get stuck in the school parking lot, limp home, bake cookies for the poster event, limp back to school in the still-falling snow, poster event (too bad I don't drink, there was wine...), get stuck in the parking lot again, limp home, collapse exhausted.  Few enough people made it to class yesterday that two of my profs decided not to bother lecturing.  Only for 10% of my grade would I have gone out in that the second time -- even the police were advising people not to drive unless it was urgent.  After all that, it was kind of like a reward to get the application package, but now the issues.  Thank goodness the deadline isn't until January 10.... (I can do this, I can DO this....)

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