December 19, 2012

Quite the Week!

I had exams on the 7th, 10th, 12th, and 14th.  Nicely spaced, which I was thanking God for as all hell broke loose between them!  I spent the 8th and 9th at work.  Okay, fair enough, though I wished I was at home studying.  On the 11th, hubby got attacked by our crazy neighbour.  He's okay, but it kind of affected my concentration for the exam the next morning, having the police here half the evening as we gave statements.  On the 13th, I found out that the funding had been pulled for my position at work, and though they offered me my old position back school makes it impossible for me to take it.  I've given my notice to go casual, so I've essentially lost my job (I'll be working some, with more flexibility in my schedule than before, but hours -- and thus money -- are not guaranteed).  So much for focusing on the exam on the 14th.  *sigh*

After all that, I did get through exams and am out the other side with marks in hand.  It was a pretty good semester, all told.  Today I put together the final version of my application package for UCVM, and it's in its Express Post envelope waiting for me to get paid so I can include the money order for the application fee.  Then it will go in the mail, and the finger crossing and praying to every deity I've ever heard of will commence.  What's a bit more stress.... :p

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