December 09, 2012

'Tis the season...

... to write finals.  Hey, that even scans!  Yes, I'm waist-deep in exams right now.  The hardest one is behind me and I'm anxiously waiting for my grade while trying to focus on studying for the other three.  Lab exams are already in the books, and they all went well.  I have a psych final in the morning that I'm not overly worried for, but I'm a bit anxious about the other psych exam that I'll be writing on Wednesday.  Then ecology (which doesn't really scare me, these may be famous last words...) on Friday and I'm home free.  As much as I enjoy school (yes, I really do) I'm looking forward to a well-earned break (which I'm sure I will spend at work)!

My son's Christmas musical is on Friday, too.  I'm going to the early show, though I may have to sneak out early to get to work on time.  My mom is going with me, and we're both looking forward to it.  My son is going to be a sheep, and he even has a spoken line.  He's really excited.  I kind of feel like a bad parent -- I've never actually made it to one of his Christmas productions (they only do them every second year) because I always seem to be stuck working that night.  At least I'm going to be able to see part of it this year!

My vet school application is finally starting to come together, thank goodness.  I have one of my three references in hand as of today, and the second is in the mail.  The writer of the third says that she'll email me sometime this week to arrange for pickup, so things are starting to roll.  I've filled out the transcript request for the US College Board (they have to dig my file out of the archives, so I want to get that in the mail as soon as I can) and the one for my current university, which I'll drop off this week after one of my exams, so I just have to get the ones from the U of A rolling and that part will be done.  I've also printed out the applicaiton form (that STILL won't save on my computer) and done a rough draft, so when my grades for this semester come in I just have to add them in and type it out.  There's still one box on the form that's malfunctioning, so I may have to fill that one in by hand, but overall I'm almost ready to roll with it.  Application deadline is January 10 and transcript deadline is February 8, so it's almost go time.

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