March 21, 2013

Sometimes life just sucks

As you can no doubt tell by the lack of celebration, I got a rejection letter from UCVM.  They had a lot of applicants this year, more than ever before if I've been correctly informed, and sometimes things just go that way.  I'm planning to try again next year, and in the meantime I'm focussing on finishing my degree so I can go on to grad school if I don't get in.  I'm also looking at applying to some US schools next year, but I have no idea how I'm planning to fund that.  Stay tuned!

On the subject of finishing my degree, the scheduling didn't exactly work out the way I was hoping it would.  I could technically fit in all the classes I need in one more year, but due to time conflicts I won't be able to.  So I apparently have two years left on my degree instead of one (I plan to take another full year rather than just a semester if I haven't gotten into vet school by that point, so that I can apply again.  Yes, I know I'm refusing to let that die).

In other news, instead of being bred Raodi is apparently having a TPLO.  There's no non-surgical way to tell for sure since ligaments don't show up on an x-ray, but she appears to have blown the cruciate in her left stifle.  My pension payout had better come soon!

That's three things that have gone wrong, right??  Because I could really use some good news, maybe about the summer research position I applied for....

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