August 24, 2013

Summer Fun

It's been an exciting few months doing research with Livestock Gentec at the U of A! I've learned a lot of lab techniques, and made contacts that may serve me well in the future. I worked on 3 projects for them this summer, and also found the time to complete my Research Ethics farm animal handling course with an average in the 90's. Due to time constraints it doesn't look like I'll be using the training, but it never hurts to have another certification on my CV.

The other thing that happened due to making contacts and networking (and luck, never discount luck....) is that I have another part-time job. I'm doing some computer work for Delta Genomics, which is the commercial arm of Gentec, and that will hopefully continue into the school year. I've also started volunteering at the vet clinic on Saturdays to boost my small animal experience and hopefully forge relationships with new vets who could possibly write letters of recommendation for my vet school applications this year. It was actually a neat coincidence that the first vet I worked with was someone I went to Junior High with. Small world, and I'm now working 4 jobs. Ack!

My internship is coming to an end, though, and Friday the 30th will be my final day at Livestock Gentec. I'm working at the vet clinic on the 31st, and classes start again on the 3rd, so I'm not looking at any downtime. I'm also hoping to pick up at least one shift at the hospital on either the 1st or the 2nd (preferably the 2nd since it's a stat). I'm going to be continuing with Delta Genomics, the vet clinic, and the hospital, as well as my course load. This semester I'm taking English, Physics, the second half of Physiology, and Genetics of Higher Organisms. I'm hoping that English, at least, will be an easy A as long as I keep on top of the readings... not so sure about Physics, but I keep telling myself that I can do this and I already have an offer from a friend to tutor me. And of course, there's the application cycle for the vet schools re-opening soon. I'm gonna rock this! :D

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