March 09, 2014


Well, I got out of Classics. Of course now neuropharmacology is kicking my tail! I'd better make sure I do better on the paper and the presentation than I did on the midterm (to be fair, I'd been warned that this prof is tough). I can rock this. Genetics and research methods are going well, and algebra just sucks (as expected), but I am beating the class average so that's something.

I did, however, get the best email of my life a week and a half ago. I HAVE AN INTERVIEW AT UCVM!!! Interviews are on the 22nd of this month, so two weeks away, and it's an MMI. I generally interview well, but I've never done an MMI format before, so I've been kind of freaking out. Enter the fabulous Dr. Black, who (while she never sat one herself) knows someone who sat UCVM's MMI a few years ago and offered to hook me up. So I spent the afternoon of my birthday in a coffee shop with Dr. Jones, picking her brain about all things MMI and vet school. I'm feeling a lot more prepared, and now it's just down to how fast the government works. I had to renew my drivers' license, and my new one hasn't arrived yet. You need government issued photo ID to sit the MMI, and I don't have a passport, so they'd better hurry the heck up!!! I foresee a call to the DMV within the next week or so.....

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