July 26, 2015

Big Girl Panties

Gossip didn't end up going to the show, so today her best buddy was there without her and she was at home for me to mess with. It was a short visit, but I feel like we did a lot. First I took her out of the field and gave her some feed. While she was eating she got spooked by a truck. My friend's hubby wanted to talk to me for a sec on his way out, so he drove up to where we were. I think with a bit more work she won't be too hard to teach to spook in place. Gossip spun around to face the truck, and in the process she knocked over my grooming box with a crash. Her response was to step away from it, and stand. That was it. She was a bit high headed and snorty, but she stood while we talked briefly. After he left and she finished her feed, I hand grazed her for a few minutes. Then I groomed her and fly sprayed her, and put her back in the field. She was a bit prancy going back, but nothing I couldn't handle in a flat halter. When I took her halter off she stood with me for a minute while I rubbed on her and told her what a brave girl she'd been. Then she wheeled and ran back to her herd.

I wasn't done there, of course. I'd tucked a hoof pick in my pocket before taking her back, so I spent some time messing with her feet with her at liberty. It took a few tries, but I got all four picked out. Then I went and put the hoof pick away, and grabbed a fluorescent pink pool noodle. Back into the pasture I went, and without her buddy to give her a lead this time Gossip walked up and sniffed the strange thing in my hand. She then stood (with a somewhat unimpressed look on her face) while I rubbed and bopped her all over with it. Face, neck, back, sides, hindquarters, flanks, belly, and even the top of her head between her ears got rubbed and bopped by the bright pink pool noodle. I was wondering if I'd see some airs above the ground, but the biggest reaction she had was to try to grab it and take it away from me. I guess I was annoying her with it lol.

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