July 21, 2015

Head Over Heels

The debate about Gossip going to the show later this month has kind of been re-opened. I'm not sure yet how I feel. As I think I've mentioned, she was the result of a breeding purchased through a stallion service auction. The association that put on the auction holds a halter class every year at their national show for the yearlings from the auction breedings. I guess there aren't many entries this year, and Gossip is looking good, so her breeder really wants to take her. I'd like her to get the exposure, but since I wasn't going to take her to the show I haven't been working on "show things," so I'm not sure she's ready. So we decided step one was to do a little trial run.....

That was part of her first lesson on how to trot in hand, with her breeder handling her. As you watch, remember that a few short weeks ago me bouncing onto my toes (almost jumping, but not quite leaving the ground) was enough to spook her clear across the drylot. Being connected to someone who was running kind of blew her mind a bit. Silly baby! The farrier is coming tomorrow. Naturally I'm going to be at work *sigh*, but her breeder is going to do another session with her while she's out to get her feet done and let me know how it goes. If she's good maybe she'll be showing after all. I know the exposure would be good for her.

They went up and down the driveway several times while Gossip was getting the idea that she was supposed to trot, and it was all very exciting for her tiny mind. Afterwards I took her back, and I was leading her back towards the gate (we were out of the pasture, away from the herd, alone again... yay) when she spooked. There was nothing there, but sometimes that doesn't matter when they're excited :p. In the process of shooting forward she somehow stepped on the heel of my shoe (effectively sticking my foot to the ground) with one front hoof, and hit me in the hip on the same side with the other knee. I made a valiant effort to stay on my feet, but gravity did its thing and down I went onto my hands and knees. I'm not really sure if she swerved, I fell sideways, or a bit of both, but somehow I avoided getting stepped on in the process. I don't blame her for it... spooks happen. The thing that mildly amazes me is that I didn't have a flashback to my crash with Smuggler years ago (when I got run over and my head was stepped on, sans helmet) and I didn't get scared. I've been working a lot in my riding lessons, when I'm able to take them, on getting past the memory since it made me petrified to canter for a long time, and I guess we're succeeding better than I'd realized. :)

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