July 16, 2015

May 24, 2015 -- More Patience

Gossip has shown that she knows what I want when I say "walk on." Today, however, she was planting her feet and refusing to move. I'd had a phone call to warn me that she might be out of sorts... apparently she'd wiped out a little bit earlier, in a fit of excitement. I don't want to pick unnecessary fights in order to train this filly. For one thing, I don't think it's necessary in order to train any animal, and for another she's too smart for that to be particularly effective. I thwapped her on her rump with the leadrope a few times, but for the most part I just did my best to keep her moving. Whether we were going forward, in circles or backward, we only stopped when it looked like she was going to run into another horse (usually when she was stuck in reverse) and get reprimanded. I don't need to be attached to her when that happens!

After almost 15 minutes of these games, she sighed and walked forward with me. We walked away from the herd all by ourselves. She kept pace with my speed changes, walked and whoaed when asked, followed my direction changes, and was attentive, which is all I'd wanted in the first place.

Of course she also got her grooming, and a coat of fly spray. The mosquitos are getting bad, and I don't want her bitten up and miserable. I'd also rather not put her in a fly sheet if I can get away with it. I prefer to keep the blanketing to a minimum and let them be horses as much as possible, especially as youngsters. She wore a blanket for a lot of the winter, so she's familiar with the concept. For now she can stay naked. With her colouring I'm not worried about fading, and she's nice and slick. I'll be the first to admit that I know next to nothing about showing a baby at halter, but if it was judged purely on prettiness I think she'd win for sure in July!

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