January 24, 2016

Jumpy pony

Gossip got tied for two ten-minute spells today. The first one was somewhat eventful, the second not so much. She jumped at the woodpecker in a tree behind us. She tensed up and looked worried when a small plane flew rather low overhead. Then the cat popped out from under the trailer she was tied to. She spooked and pulled back. As she hit the end of the rope I barked "Hey... HEY!" and she jumped forward again as though she'd been whacked on the butt with a crop and looked at me like "save me!" I'll take that reaction. She didn't get untied until she sighed and lowered her head, then I untied her and walked her around for a few minutes. The second time I tied her she was much more relaxed overall, and not jumping at every noise. Untied her again with lots of praise. I'm so thankful for warm(ish) days when I'm not working and can see her... she definitely makes me happy!

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