January 14, 2016

Small Steps

I went out to see Gossip yesterday. It was a low-key visit, but we did conquer one terrifying (according to her) monster -- my car. I brought her out of the field to run a brush over her and give her a bit of food, and she was spooking at my car. So we walked in circles around it until she realized it wasn't actually lunging at her and chilled out. When she got relaxed enough to walk up and nose at the hood, we stopped and she got her food.

From talking with my friend (her breeder who she's living with) it sounds like she's being a pain to tie at times. I know she had that one big pull-back incident last summer. Next time I'm out I'm going to borrow a rope halter so there's no hardware to potentially break and we'll get to work on this (very vital) life skill. She's a smart kid, I'm sure she'll pick it up fast.

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