February 15, 2016

Getting there!

Meant to bring a plastic shopping bag with me today to do some desensitizing, but forgot to grab one on my way out the door. So I rooted around in my trunk and came up with the best substitute I could find... a re-usable fabric shopping bag that's been so used it's very floppy. Flapped and rubbed that all over her in the pasture at liberty, and other than not being thrilled with it flying too fast towards her face (but she stood) she was completely unfazed by it.

Then I took her out and we worked on tying. Ten minutes initially, during which I stood at her head and talked to her, and shut down two attempts to paw and a couple of times she thought about pulling back. Gave her a break and walked around. Tied her a second time to go over her with the shedding blade (hair is coming out in clumps). She stood. Untied her and walked around a bit again. Tied her a third time and gave her her food (ration balancer). Of course that time she was only worried about eating, so there wasn't even a thought of misbehaviour. ;)

After I let her go in the pasture, I noticed something. She was walking with me (loose) with her throatlatch perfectly at my shoulder, turning with me and stopping when I stopped. So I played with that for a bit, reinforcing that it was a good thing that made me happy. I'm having so much fun with this girl, and also learning a lot since she's a lot more reactive than Squeaker was. Fun and learning are good for both of us!

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