August 01, 2016

Bad Pony

Well that was interesting! *angry eyes*

Went out today for the first time in a couple of months. I'm finally recovered enough from knee surgery to deal with the uneven ground, and to get out of the way in a hurry if she tries to do something stupid. As it turns out, it's a good thing I waited.

Things started out routinely enough. I caught Gossip, took her out of the field, tied her up, fly sprayed her, and brushed her down. No issues. Then it was time to pick out her feet. She's always had issues with that, as followers will know. It took a long time to get her good for the farrier, though now she's pretty good for her. Unfortunately I've come to the conclusion that she has my number on this issue.

First foot went not bad. She pulled it away once, I picked it up again and finished what I was doing. Second foot she pulled away again, and when I went to pick it up again she swung sideways over top of me and tried to stomp me. Obviously that didn't go over well. When I got after her for it, everything fell apart.

She pulled back, hard, and gave several good yanks. After popping forward, she reared. Started swinging back and forth at the end of the leadrope, pawing and screaming. Reared a few more times. Basically had a good old fashioned melt down. All told her fit lasted over 20 minutes.

She started to collect her brain a bit again when the herd rushed to "save" her (they'd been a ways away in another part of the field). Yes, we were outside the fence, but having them closer seemed to help. In the interests of not getting trampled, I changed focus and worked on untangling her mane for a bit. Once she'd calmed down some, I went foot to foot, picking up each, holding it for a minute, and putting it down again. She was fine as long as my hoof pick was in my pocket, but as soon as I shifted it to my hand she started to lose it again.

I put the hoof pick back in my pocket, and repeated the picking up and putting down of feet. She stood for that. I then untied her and gave her a small amount of feed (literally about a cup of ration balancer). While she was eating I picked up and put down each foot again, and then put her front boots on her. She's never worn those before, but there were no issues. Once she was done with her food I led her back to the hitching post, still wearing her boots, to prove to her that she could walk in them. No issues.

I took her boots off and turned her back out. In the end I have a very bad pony, with rope burn behind her left ear from her halter when she pulled back. There were several times I was glad I was wearing gloves, and it occurred to me that a helmet wouldn't have been a bad idea at some points either. I'm kind of discouraged... she was doing so well with her feet with me before I had to take a break, and now this. I'm going to get her breeder to help me with her feet the next few times I'm out. Hopefully it doesn't take too long to get past this issue!

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