September 11, 2016

Photo Evidence

I have a pretty good pony. :)

Today was windy and rainy and cold, so the herd was all worked up. I caught a friend for Gossip, and then caught her. As luck would have it, there was a big black garbage bag flapping in the wind by the hitching rail. Gossip was tied closer to it than her buddy, but since he wasn't bothered by it she decided she wasn't either. First win.

Distance from the hitching rail to the garbage bag:

First I groomed her up all shiny. She's shedding into her winter coat, so the fur was flying. I think she's been scratching on a tree, since there's something sticky in her tail. Ecolicious, my new favourite grooming product line makes a waterless shampoo that I may have to try. Once again there was one foot that she wasn't sure about me picking out initially, but I went back and finished it no problem. Her feet were packed with sticky clay, so it took some work to get them clean. Win number two.

Then I put her boots on all four legs. Once again there was some flinging around of her hinds, but she figured it out pretty quickly. Then I unbuckled all the buckles on her longeing cavesson and slipped it on over her halter. It's a horse size, and it fit on the tightest holes. I kept the leadrope attached to the halter and led her around for a few minutes all dressed up, and she was a star. Another win.

I got a photo before I undressed her.

As I was taking the photo it started to rain, and she kind of lost the plot a bit. Apparently pretty princess ponies need to be under cover from weather, or they might melt. :p This from a filly who lives outside 24/7. *sigh* I took all her gear off and turned her buddy back out, and grabbed some ration balancer for her. Basically I ignored her fussing and let her get over it, which worked quite well. She's looking good enough right now that I'm not overly worried about her needing extra feed, it's more of a positive reinforcement thing that she's only getting in small amounts on days that I'm out. After she ate I turned her back out as well and called it good.

I'm very happy with my pony, especially since she's still only two!

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