September 04, 2016

The Right Direction

Gossip's breeder wasn't available today, so we were on our own, and I'm glad to say today went much better. Feet were done with almost no issue. She pulled the third foot (right hind, the one that's always been the biggest issue) away from me before I was quite finished and plunked it down, but I picked it back up and finished without issue. She was perfect for the other three. I also took some time to untangle her mane and tail. Her tail is only about an inch off the ground now, and that's with her living on pasture in a herd and it's never been put up. Then it was time for something new.

I told her to stand, and put Woof boots on all four of her legs. Unfortunately I didn't have enough hands to get photo evidence. She's worn fronts before, but never hinds. Then I untied her and led her in circles. There was an initial period of "OMG WHUT??" picking her hind legs up super high and flinging them around, but she figured it out quite quickly. I had originally intended to try her longeing cavesson on her, but I was running short of time if I wanted to shower before going out for dinner. She had also been very good with four excited dogs milling around, so I thought fair enough to leave it there.

I'm very proud of my girl today. Last week we sticked her right on 14.3hh, so I guess maybe not so little any more. Hard to believe the transformation from the tiny filly I met a couple of years ago! As I thought, there may be a few hiccups along the way, but we're going to get through them and I think we're going to be a great team. So excited for the future with this girl!

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