October 01, 2016

Better late than not...?

I didn't get a chance to post last week. I went out on Sunday, and I had concert tickets for that evening so I wound up tight for time. Then the work week took over, and I think we all know how that goes.

Last week we worked on alone time, which is to say that I never caught a buddy at all to give Gossip moral support. I'm proud (and a bit relieved) to say that she did great! I didn't do too much training wise, but I groomed and fed her and she didn't even fuss about her feet. It probably didn't hurt that from the hitching rail to the pasture fence is about seven feet and the herd stayed close, but I'll take it for a start. More baby steps in the right direction. :)

While I was out there I got a few other chores tackled that needed to be done. I punched more holes in her longeing cavesson for one thing. Hopefully tomorrow it will fit a bit better (assuming the rain actually stops as forecast, and I don't need to start building an ark instead of going to see her...). And I cleaned out my grooming box and brought home some stuff I'm not using to free up some space. I honestly can't remember the last time I cleaned out the box, as demonstrated by the kitten sized clumps of shed hair that I dumped out of the bottom.

(foot included for size reference)

I cleaned her brushes as well, which was also long overdue. The whole time I was putzing around, Gossip was standing at the fence watching me with a "What the heck are you doing, human?" look on her face. I'm starting to despair of her ever fully growing into her ears, but I love her anyways!

Who has big ears, Mom?

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