October 13, 2016


Since Monday was a holiday, I thought what better way to celebrate than to go spend some time with Gossip. Boy, did she have other ideas!

Cue the stupid freak accident.

It's gotten cold and snowy here, and the herd in general were... peppy. I stupidly ignored common sense and decided that since she was so good last time, I'd catch little miss herdbound by herself.

Mistake number one.

I also didn't greet her buddy that I usually catch with her. He was gelded late and is a bit protective of the mares, and I don't think he actually saw me catch her and lead her away.

Mistake number two.

I led Gossip out of the pasture and over to the hitching rail, and her buddy realized she was gone and started calling. Gossip lost the plot, and started spinning and throwing her head around. I talked to her for a minute, and I thought she'd calmed down, so I finished tying her. Just as I was finishing the knot however she dipped and tossed her head again, and flipped the rope over her poll. 

Oh crap!

If I thought she'd lost the plot before that, that was nothing! As you can imagine, she pulled back full force and whipped her head violently (as they do). I was still at her head, and that massive head hit me full in the face.

Next thing I knew I was facedown on the ground, facing away from her, about three feet away. I got up to all fours and had the sense to check that I was out of range of being stepped on (I was). Then I took a minute to try to remember how to work my phone, and to clear my vision from the blood streaming from I didn't even know where, to text her breeder (who thank god I knew was home). "Help im hurt" was all I could manage, but it was enough.

She put the dogs away and came running. Got me sitting up on a tack box and turned Gossip back out, and took me up to the house to assess the damage and try to wash some of the blood off. We locked up my car, and called my ever-patient hubby to meet us at the emergency room.

At the end of the day I have another concussion, and skin glue and steri strips holding my forehead together. My glasses really did a number on my face, and even 7 hours later it Would. Not. Stop. Bleeding. I also have two black eyes, one worse than the other, and a pretty purple cast on my left hand. Apparently I landed awkwardly on my thumb and pulled a ligament off the bone, and it took a chunk of the bone with it.

I know there are lessons to be learned from this, but mostly I'm just glad it wasn't worse. My ears have finally stopped ringing and the headache seems to have cleared off, and I'll survive the rest with a little time to rest and heal. Later today we're going out to pick up my car, and I'll make sure to take a minute to give Gossip a treat.

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