February 17, 2017

Getting Religion

Last Sunday was warm... well, warm for this part of the world in February... so I spent a good chunk of time out at the farm. A friend and her daughter joined Gossip's breeder and I, and Gossip was one of three horses we pulled out to work with. We decided to take them up to the round pen and do a bit of 'real" work in the snow.

Gossip didn't do tons, mostly hung out and watched Friend's Daughter get a lesson from breeder, but some of what she did do was spectacular. Not in a good way. There was baby brain. There was leaping and squealing. There was rearing and striking. And there wound up being a "Come to Jesus Meeting" when a hoof narrowly missed my head. One thing I certainly Do Not Need is another concussion!

I have to confess here, it was Gossip's breeder who had the Come to Jesus Meeting with her. With my accident being so recent I froze for a minute and she recognized that, so she took her from me briefly and did what needed doing. That was really frustrating -- I don't lack the skill or the knowledge, but apparently I still have some residual fear to work on. *sigh* I'll get there.

After that, Gossip was on her best behaviour, and even started learning how to longe at a walk. She's a smart little cookie, even if there are a few kinks to work out.

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