February 05, 2017


I forgot to update last week, but we had another good if short session. Gossip's breeder came out with me and rode one of her horses while I messed around. Didn't do much, again, but caught, tied, and groomed her, and tried on her longeing cavesson again. I hadn't had it on her since punching new holes, but the new ones I'd punched turned out to be right on target.

I won't be going out this week... the weather has turned miserable again and we don't have access to an indoor. I was hoping to start teaching her to longe in the round pen, but not with a windchill of -29C (and that's here in the city)! It can wait until next weekend, when it's supposed to be much warmer.

I've also been riding again, after too long a break. I arranged with my coach to trade tack cleaning for a weekly ride on the gelding I used to lease. He's older and a bit creaky, but he knows more about dressage than I do at the moment so he's good for helping me get back into some semblance of shape. Yesterday he had a bit of a meltdown at one point, but I rode him through it which helped my confidence immensely. I just had to take a couple of deep breaths and remind myself that being out of shape doesn't mean I've lost my skills. In addition to improving my riding fitness, hopefully he'll help me get back some more of my lost confidence. I know I can ride, I just have to prove it to myself again. And I will!

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