February 19, 2017

Taking it Easy

I had a good ride yesterday, but wow am I sore! The gelding I'm riding was making me work for every stride, and between that and not being fit enough to keep my balance posting, keep him trotting, and steer all at the same time I got quite the workout. It's good for me 😉 but it meant that I wasn't too ambitious today when I went out to see Gossip.

I still went out, because I know it's good for her to be handled and spend some time tied etc. regardless of whether I take her up to the round pen and do "real" work. I had to bring her out the top gate, because there's a bit of a lake between the usual gate and the feeder where she was and my boots weren't tall enough to wade through it, so that was something a bit out of the routine. I had her buddy tied and waiting for her, but she couldn't see him as we came down the hill. She was good though, and once I had her tied she was an angel even with the dogs milling around and one of the kittens playing with her buddy's tail.

I gave her a good grooming, even though the conditions guarantee that she's probably covered in mud already by now, and fed her as well. She's finally starting to shed, and I really hope she isn't wrong about spring being on the way!

That was about all I had in me, so I put her away and took myself home. I think a hot bath with Epsom salts is in order tonight!

As ever, I have lots of plans in store for us pending the weather cooperating. I'm going to get her longeing properly, off the cavesson at all three gaits, and maybe introduce a surcingle and side reins, and I have a saddle that I can't wait to try on her. It eyeballs like it should fit, but we'll see. I still need a girth and stirrup leathers to go with it, so those are on the list for the next sale at the tack store (mid-March if I'm not mistaken). I'd also like to introduce a bit and do some ground driving with her before she hopefully goes to the trainer's in the late summer or fall to be started. The thing is we don't have access to an indoor at her breeder's place, so all of this is waiting on the ground conditions being less of a disaster. We've been in a freeze-thaw cycle, so right now it's either muddy and slick or icy and slick. Come on spring!

More food??

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