May 08, 2018

At Long Last

Guess who I finally got to see yesterday, for the first time since August??

I'm happy to say that she looks amazing (not that I had any doubts, I totally trust the friend who's looking after her) and has really filled out and matured. Can't get over those epic ears though! We didn't do any real work, but she got a thorough grooming and we hung out. She's still shedding and looks a bit moth eaten, but I think we're almost back to sleek.

Since Gossip is 4 this year, I'm really hoping to be able to get her to the breaker this summer or fall. The issue though is money. As in my tuition isn't cheap, and it has to come first! I'm in line for a couple of scholarships and what happens there may be the deciding factor, so my fingers are crossed even more than they would be normally. I really don't want her to sit for another year, but I may not have a choice.

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